social media

Complete and tailored social media service covering all the channels you need so you don't have to lift a finger. It just gets done! No more headaches or worry that you're not keeping up.

We specialize in growing your accounts organically and safely - never abusing the platform limits or spamming. We use custom hashtags and like/follow profiles and posts that are potentially valuable to your account. Our service does not buy a bunch of likes to make your following look great but achieve nothing for your business. Instead we target local businesses, influencers and industry specialists that will directly help you grow your social media presence.

Effective social media marketing takes quality and consistency over time to build interest and a following. It is not an overnight cure but a coordinated campaign with benefits realized further into the future. We structure our service to benefit you the most, from custom posts to highlight your services and inventory to in-store promotional posts for your trunk shows and events. We are a full service social media agency. 


brand building

Building your business into a "brand" involves an understanding of the culture, service experience and mix of product/s that you represent as a company. 

Branding is, in effect, the visual concept or voice of your business. It is designed to build awareness of what makes your business distinct and different from your competitors. Building your brand takes time and involves defining what core strengths your business already has and what values it will represent moving forward. 

Market differentiation, in regard to the key offerings of your business, can help potential customers value and view your business as a more attractive proposition to that of your competitors. Building a brand strategy takes time and a high level of consistency. It's not just logos and colors...it's about building and sharing the "soul" of your business.

Personalizing your brand with the aim to have your customers experience the personality of your business will generate a desire for them to associate with you just like their other favorite brands or things, whether it's electronics, cars or clothing. Brand strategy is important, and combined with a strong social media campaign, can be a real differentiator for your business.


digital marketing

Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy in place? Do you just have a basic website and a Facebook page? Maybe you have neither or they are not linked together with a common theme or purpose. Digital Marketing is all about creating an overall strategy around the delivery of you "brand" message through electronic media.

Let's face it...the internet is not going away. If you haven't jumped on board in any serious way then your competitors are eating you for lunch. It's time for you to adapt and put some real effort into building a digital profile that is both informative and captivating to your potential audience. That means getting your online house in order.

We can help with expert knowledge to deliver your brand message through email campaigns, industry channels and digital media to provide maximum exposure for your business. We can advise you on which channels to set up, who to go to for your website needs, what content you should be aiming for and how to create a niche for your store's "brand".


email campaigns

Email Marketing is a term you've probably heard a million times at conferences or in magazines and online articles. But what is it and how can it help your business? Email is the currency of the internet. Everyone these days has an email address. It is actually the largest potential audience available in the digital landscape. 

Email Campaigns are permission based meaning that people sign up for your newsletter or give you their email address in-store so that you can communicate with them. This invitation gives you a key to direct connection with your audience. This is by far the best opportunity to deliver your brand message and remain in contact with your customers once they leave the building.

We offer a tailored email communication strategy so that you don't have to think about it. We take care of your email list, setup a signup on your social media, design your campaign and help you develop your ideas to effectively transmit your message, sales events and other information directly to your existing and potential customers. 


Creative assets

Creating a brand identity and a look for your social media effort takes time to develop. We work with your ideas and overall agreed direction to provide a mix of posts designed to engage your audience. We work with your vendors to provide current, up to the minute images for your various feeds. We also insure a consistent message across all media so that your target customers are receiving your message regardless of their preferred social media habits and preferences.

We design posts and artwork for your special events, trunk shows and sales to maximize these opportunities to capture your audience interest and participation. We can also provide matching print ready artwork for your non digital media such as event invitations, flyers and magazine pages. 

Telling your story through consistent visual branding is key to delivering your message effectively. Posting a different message on various social media channels is just confusing to potential customers. We ensure that your look and message are always consistent and in sync with all your other media efforts.