Why the name Spexaddict?

Louis has been involved in the optical industry in some form or another since he was 17 years old. He is literally "addicted to specs", so when coming up with ideas for a business name all those years ago the name "Spexaddict" leapt out and stuck...

Can social media change my business?

Creating a social media account is easy. Creating a "presence" on Social Media involves a broader strategy encompassing different channels and a clear idea of your long term goals. It is the largest sector in marketing and advertising now so ignoring it is a critical mistake. It can absolutely impact your business in a positive way when managed correctly.

how long does it take to see some results?

Social Media marketing takes time and consistency to be effective in creating a noticeable impact in sales. Setting up some social media accounts and posting a few times will not create an immediate increase in your bottom line. It will take a little while to grow your accounts organically with "real" followers who will potentially buy from your business. They key is a consistent "brand image" and regular posting.

what do i need to do to begin?

The best way to start is to decide that you want to pursue a more effective Digital Media strategy than what you are currently employing. It may be that you have nothing right now or that you have already set up some channels but are struggling to maintain the consistency required to manage them effectively. Our service takes this off your hands completely so that you can get on with running your business. No more headaches worrying that you're not keeping up. 

should I combine it with other marketing?

Your social media output should always reflect and be in sync with all your marketing efforts. It will be important to ensure that whatever you do, your message is always consistent. We can work your existing advertising into your social media or, in reverse, help you develop your non-digital marketing assets so they reflect your social media image.


what input do i have?

This is your business. Handing over your social media to industry professionals to manage is not about losing control of your direction. Our job is to help you realize your goals and effectively deliver "your" message. We will always advise you the best way forward but ultimately this is your ship. We strongly advise our customers to remain engaged. Your support of your social media from "sharing" posts with your friends to having your own personal Instagram and Facebook accounts are tremendous ways to engage and maximize these efforts.